Crucero Experience

Join The HCB Family

Much like the Spanish meaning of the word, the HCB Crucero Experience truly is a smooth-sailing cruise. Throughout the design process, you will have access to a team of experts equipped to guide you through your center console customization journey. An integral part of this process is an exclusive invitation to the HCB Yachts factory to witness the meticulous craftsmanship involved in bringing your custom designs to life. From the initial design process to post-delivery service you will experience the unwavering care and commitment that we promise our customers. This is the Crucero Experience. 


At HCB, you become more than a customer – you are joining a family. We are proud to foster a culture of care with our tight knit group of owners. 

Inside HCB

The experience


Once you become an HCB owner, you become part of an elite group

Design Your Boat

Meet our team of expert engineers and craftsmen, who are ready to build your yacht to your exact specifications.


A custom delivery plan is well coordinated for each owner. Our service team provides hands on training to ensure all of your questions are answered.


Your life, elevated.


Each of our owners is sponsored by our Crucero department and receives custom, exclusive gifts tailored just for them.


Our company celebrates our commitment to customer care throughout the ownership cycle. You are not just purchasing another boat, you are joining our HCB Family.

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