Leonardo, ILandMiami, and HCB Yachts transport Miami International Boat Show guests with ease and panache

Leonardo, ILandMiami, and HCB Yachts transport Miami International Boat Show guests with ease and panache


MIAMI, FL – Leonardo, HCB Center Console Yachts, and ILandMiami have partnered to bring luxurious air and sea travel seamlessly together at this year’s Miami International Boat Show.

Instead of battling traffic to attend to the popular show that is expected to draw nearly 100,000 people over five packed days of maritime excitement, guests arrived directly to the Show via helicopter for the first time ever in Miami.

Leonardo picked up guests in its stunning AW119Kx chopper at Fontainbleau Aviation, flew over the Biscayne Bay offering an incredible pelican’s view of the iconic waterway, then landed on a custom ILandMiami marine utility vessel (MUV™) docked adjacent to an HCB yacht that ferried guests in to the middle of the Miami International Boat Show.

By partnering to deliver an unforgettable experience—and one of the quickest ways to get to the Show — Leonardo, ILandMiami, and HCB Yachts’ invitees traded a typical 40 minute car ride for a 10 minute helicopter flight. The stress of navigating unbearable road traffic was replaced with extraordinary aerial views of Miami’s famous sun, sand, ocean and countless boats, ready to be explored.

About the companies:

Leonardo is a global leader in the production of military and commercial rotorcraft with more than 100 years of operating in the aerospace industry. Its AW119Kx is a best in class single engine helicopter with the largest cabin in its category. It has an advanced avionics system for enhanced situational awareness, mission effectiveness and safety. Leonardo is also the world’s leader in VIP/corporate passenger transport in the turbine engine helicopter segment. For more information, visit leonardocompany.com

ILandMiami designs, engineers and manufactures innovative helicopter landing solutions. When used as a Heliboat®, ILandMiami’s revolutionary Marine Utility Vessel (MUV™) can accommodate helicopters up to 7,000 pounds. For more information, visit ilandmiami.com

About HCB Yachts

HCB Yachts makes the world’s largest center console yacht and is the only true luxurious center console yacht on the water. With unsurpassed horsepower and expansive amenities, all models are completely customizable vessels ranging between 39’-65’. HCB Yachts is committed to helping build the perfect luxury center console yacht to fit every enthusiasts’ lifestyle. Learn more at hcbyachts.com.

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